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  • WHAT IS Kid's Festival? Kid’s Festival is the largest independent youth event in South East Europe: Since 2004, over 40,000 children from all over Bosnia & Herzegovina participate each year. The widespread program combines entertainment & education: workshops, booths, quizzes, games, movies, performances, dance acts, acrobat acts, mini circus… lots of fun and many things to learn! International performers, clowns, magicians, dancers, musicians are each year the highlights of the Festival. They provide diversity and a glimpse at the cultural richness of the World for thousands of children that have never travelled outside their country.
    Kid's Festival’s motto promotes the initiative of the Council of Europe “All different, all equal”.

  • 12 Kid's Festival

    12. June 2015 Kid’s PARADE
       16:00h Sebilj(Baščaršija) - Skenderija
    13-16. June 2015
       14:00 - 17:00h

       Movies (Dom Mladih)

       Kid’s Cosmic Show

  • INFOSHEET Kid’s festival

    • 12KF 2015 ENTRYFORM - WORKSHOP document for download

    • 12KF 2015 INFOSHEET KIDS FESTIVAL document for download

    • INFOSHEET KIDS FESTIVAL GLOBAL document for download

    • 12KF 2015 EMBASSY INVITATION document for download

  • 19. JUNE 2015
    Banja Luka (center)

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See You 12-16 June 2015, Sarajevo

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Tunisia: Kids Fest, children send message of hope

(ANSAmed) - TUNIS, APRIL 21 - A gathering for children, teen-agers and their families which will further a message of peace and tolerance is going to take place in Sidi Bou Said on April 26. KidsFest Tunisie, this year at its second edition, is a celebration modeled on Sarajevo's Kid's Festival, an event born in 2004 which attracts more than 40 thousand children...

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Chairman of the BiH Presidency dr. Mladen Ivanić has received the team of Kid’s festival led by director Susanne Prahl

On Monday 30. March 2015, the Chairman of the BiH Presidency dr. Mladen Ivanić has received the team of Kid’s festival led by director Susanne Prahl, who informed the President about the festival's platform that has been bringing together children from entire Bosnia in the capital city...

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12th Kid’s Festival

We prepare the 12th edition of Kid’s festival Sarajevo and new KidsFest INTERNATIONAL projects in Tunisia and Sofia. Please participate with your ideas, your visions, your performances, your workshops, your smiles.

Calendar of events:

     • The 12th edition of Kid’s Festival Sarajevo: 12th to 16th June 2015
     • The 2nd edition of KidsFest Banja Luka is planned the 19th June 2015
     • The 2nd edition of KidsFest in TUNISIA: 26th of April (SIDI BOU SAID)
     • The 1st edition of KidsFest SOFIA is planned 28th of June.

Bosnia Daily:

The 11th Kid’s Festival - Final Report 2014

Kid's festival is an eleven year old story which takes new twists and turns every year. When we look at the financial side, each year the festival is put at survival challenge. The inertia of local institutions is a continuous story and bringing back to life the half-dead complex of Olympic Centre Zetra equals nearly...

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The first Kid’s Fest in Banja Luka has gathered nearly
1000 children.

The first Kid’s Fest in Banja Luka has gathered nearly <br>1000 children.

Five hundred pupils of Banja Luka primary schools were expected, but far more took part in the first KidsFest Banja Luka. The Kid’s Parade through the City center that was entirely closed for traffic opened the KidsFest, followed by entertainment program, children’s performances, workshops, presentations of sport disciplines - these are just some of the features that...

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The 11th Kid’s Festival has ended

The 11th Kid’s Festival has ended

On the last day of the 11th Kid’s Festival, the traditional Police Day was organized. The united police forces of BiH, ,represented their mission through various workshop and also raised children’s attention to serious matters, i.e. traffic safety, internet crime and provided them training of simple...

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Fourth day of Kid’s Festival

Fourth day of Kid’s Festival

The fourth day of the Kid’s Festival 2014, has been marked by record number of visitors. Over 70 busses with children from all over the country arrived today in Bosnian capital. The youngest visitors enjoyed many workshop activities that were organized in cooperation with...

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Third day of 11th Kid’s Festival

Third day of 11th Kid’s Festival

The day of USAID at 11th Kid’s festival offered  rich and interactive program for all the visitors.  In and outside of Zetra, the kids enjoyed many activities but the most visited booth was FUN Disco and the “Puppet Manufactory for Kids”. Many children took active part in sporting competitions, the pottery workshop, and in little school of informatics, trying out...

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Second day of the 11th Kid’s Festival

Second day of the 11th Kid’s Festival

On the second day, 11th Kid’s Festival’s motto was the traditional  “Day of Rafa Žirafa”organized by the festivals main sponsor Raiffeisen BANK. It was ideal opportunity for children to take part in a huge variety of animation, surprises, games and lots of gifts to win at quizzes and sportive games - a very wide variety...

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Kid’s Parade - the opening of the 11th Kid’s Festival

Kid’s Parade - the opening of the 11th Kid’s Festival

The 11th edition of the largest manifestation for kids and youth in the region, started with the traditional colorful Kid’s Parade. ‘’Taking into the consideration the disastrous consequences that caused the recent flooding in this country, we want to make this year’s Kid's Festival an oasis in which children can continue to dream their dreams no matter...

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The 11th Kid's festival 2014 creates a PLATFORM OF SOLIDARITY "KIDS4KIDS":

With the tragedy of the flood disaster we will offer psychological relief like an oasis where each child can still "dream dreams" - regardless of the overall situation. This is especially important in this particular year of flood-drama and tragedy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Offering a space of normality and happiness, a spark of brightness when children most need it. The initiative “kids4kids” include children into the movement of support for others. … (more)… Fundraising is a small aspect, our primary aim is awareness raising. Children are naturally empathic. Not only the flood victims are subject to traumatic experience, children in Sarajevo see and hear about the catastrophe every day, it scares them and makes them feel insecure and helpless not being able to help those unfortunate peers that lost every thing. Kid's festival gives all children the opportunity to help and donate a symbolic amount of money - for which they will get a sticker as sign of recognition. We hope Zetra will be flooded by thousands of children wearing that "kids4kids" stickers. And that all children who cannot come to KF will see on TV that others are with them in their minds! Susanne Prahl, founder of Kid's festival.


Download document BOSNIA DAILY » KIDS 4 KIDS, May 21 2014
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1 - the 11th Kid's festival will take place in the dates as planned 6th-10th June.
2 - Kid's festival 2014 will serve as communication platform for SOLIDARITY (focussed on children) and various fundraising initiatives. E.g. KidsFest will print thousands of stickers - as the one attached - and offer to each person making a donation - regardless...

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